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Drive Train

The designers at Brewhouse Bikes have brewed up what can only be described as insanity.  The all new 46 Peaks Nitro is the lightest and fastest all-purpose 27.5 carbon fat bike on the market.  Designed in multiple configurations depending on your need but can come in as light at 25lbs depending on configuration.  

The GX AXS Race Pro is the lightest variation with one purpose in mind, SPEED! We removed all the unnecessary parts and replaced them with an ultra-light weight carbon setup.  Starting with the 27.5 carbon wheels with 4” fast rolling tires we have reduced as much possible rotational weight.  This will get you started faster and make it easier to maintain speed.  We matched this with the wireless SRAM GX AXS drivetrain to deliver the absolute best shifting performance on the market and topped it off with a carbon fork to reduce weight on the front end of the bike allowing you to clear obstacles with less effort.  If your goal is to be fast the GX AXS Race Pro is the weapon of choice. 

For everyone else who’s goal is to rip the trail, we have 4 combinations of the 46 Peaks Nitro designed to be fun, fast, and super capable.  We still offer all the high-end performance of the SRAM GX AXS and above drivetrains but we match it was a 120mm Manitou Mastodon fork to give you the most capable fat bike on the trail.  Combine that with the 27.5x4.5 tires and there’s not much this mad machine can’t handle.